Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wikis and Web 2.0

I found three videos that I recommend you watch and then respond to in your blog.

The first one is a clever look at Web 2.0 with the subtitle: "The Machine is Us/ing Us" Can you explain the title? What do you think about issues related to copyright, authority, identity, ethics, aesthetics and so on?

The second one shows how pages evolve in a wiki. The subject is the "Heavy Metal Umlaut" but as you watch it, you will discover that it really shows you how wiki users modify posts. My question to you then is, Is a resource such as the Wikipedia more or less reliable than a traditional encyclopedia?

The third video pokes fun at our modern technology by showing a monk who does not know how to access information in a book. The video is in Danish with both Danish and English subtitles.

If you still have time, then have a good laugh with the last video. It's a comedy sketch from 1948 called "Let's Speak English"


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