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Cheech Assignment: Montreal After Dark

As many of you described in your blogs, Montreal is a city of contrasts with an astounding variety of venues and activities. For example, Base Player 101 described the music scene, God Gave Rock & Roll to You described the athletes, English Blogging described the Auto Shows and Genny’s Blog described the parks and museums. I think I can honestly say I’m relieved that no one chose to describe Montreal’s apparently-thriving escort service, although several mentioned that the city is more entertaining after dark. Montreal, does appear to be a city that knows how to keep its secrets. Choose one of the topics below, making links to Maclean's articles, classmates' blogs or websites to defend your answer. Embed your links by highlighting the text you want to link and clicking on the icon for links as I have done in this post.

The six characters: Ron, Sophie, Olivier, Maxime, Stephanie, Alexis are all touched by the effects of the escort service and their lives are interconnected although they don’t know it until trauma hits. All the characters, except Ron, can be considered Generation X-ers. In our discussions of Maclean’s articles we touched on a number of issues affecting this generation: living beyond their means, wanting to be sedated, that 18-year-olds are too young to vote or videogame widows

1. Can the fact that these characters suffer from some sort of depression, neurosis or anxiety in some way be attributed to being part of this generation? Defend your answer.

2. Could this play take place in another city or in a different time? Consider details of the setting, props and costumes that are unique to Montreal and/or elements of the play that are universal. Make links to you observations as you defend your answer.

3. Sophie says that she does not accept the fact that the market is down as an excuse for not doing well in business. She claims that if a person delivers what clients want then business will always be good. She purports to be talking about the real estate business, but we know where her success really comes from. Can Sophie's business decision be compared to Google's business decision in China? (or another business decision you can cite) Defend your answer.

4. Does Cheech represent the competition that any business has to face? Does this competition improve or lessen the quality of the product? Defend your answer with links to examples.

You must print your response on paper (in Word, double-spaced) AND post it on your blog. Include links to Maclean's articles, websites and/or your classmates' blogs and remember to embed the links.


Blogger CelebNewsPNN said...

Cheeck is prolly the most annoying and confusing play I've ever seen in my life.

The clock thing was way too confusing. I mean who's going to remember at what time that or this happened? Who even wants to "casser la tête" with this? I mean you just want to enjoy the play, not to look at some annoying clock all the time.

The screaming part was getting on my nerves. And they were always acting all stress out and that was just annoying to watch.

There was one particular boring-to-death scene where the guy was talking to his phone, but you couldn't understand what he was trying to say. How annoying was that?

But on the bright side, the acting was actually quite good.

I know this play is for teenagers, but seriously, I just hated it.

Now, I'm not even sure how I'm going to able to answer the questions that we'll be asked in class because I hardly understood anything.

6:36 PM  
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