Thursday, September 22, 2005

Homework Assignment for Week #5

Read the Article On a Wing and Prayer in this week's Maclean's (Sept. 13, 2005).
Write a report to the Transport Minister, Mr. Jean Lapierre, in defense or in opposition to the $350 million federal aid package to Bombardier for the proposed C-Series family of passenger jets.

The HEADING of your report should include To: / From: / Date: / Subject

Your report should be structured with these compartments (which will probably mean three paragraphs, depending on your report):
a SUMMARY STATEMENT that summarizes your position
BACKGROUND INFORMATION and DETAILS where you provide details to support your position (taken from the article)
OUTCOME or ACTION that explains what action you expect the Minister to take.

The report should be about one page, 150-250 words.


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