Friday, October 16, 2009

In Piazza San Domenico at the Centaur Theatre

You will be seeing Steve Gallucio's play In Piazza San Domenico at the Centaur Theatre. Check your MIO account for instructions to the theatre, a short summary of the play and your written assignment. If you would like more information about the play, you can read the review in the Montreal Gazette and an article about the playright in the Montreal Arts Rover.

Here is a synopsis of the play written by Spiridoula Photopoulos of Vanier College:
Steve Gallucio's one act play is set in Naples, Italy. The year is 1952 and most of the action occurs in a piazza named San Domenico. The play centers on the young and beautiful Carmelina Benvenuto. She is the daughter of a wido, Isabella Benvenuto, and the fiancéee of the handsome and always well-dressed Guido Mandolino. Carmelina suddenly decides to call off her wedding and a series of misunderstandings ensues. As a result, comedic havoc is wreaked on the lives of the various characters in Gallucio's play. In the end, the power of love prevails over everyone's need to "keep face." Also, the characters realize that they should "stop stalling and start living."


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