Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Are the Real Digital Natives?

How reliable are statistics? Do they accurately reveal common trends and practices? We are going to try an experiment to see if the same set of statistics could produce opposite conclusions. The first day of class you filled out a survey about Media Habits and Technology using the online tool Survey Monkey. Students in Longueuil answered this one and students in St. Hubert answered this one. The questions were exactly the same. You can find the results to most of the questions here and then click on the link marked Survey Results of Student Media Habits and Technology
The question is which students are more digital or Who are the REAL digital natives? You will work with a partner to analyze your data. Half the class will argue that Longueuil students are the real digital students (and the ENA students are only digital immigrants) and half the class will argue the opposite point of view. Use the statistics from this study to defend your side, and remember to think carefully about how you use numbers (as figures or words). Print your double-spaced survey analysis to hand in and post a single-spaced version on the collaborative blog.

Sample analyses: ENA vs Longueuil as the Digital Natives.

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Yeh, there is a need of changing media habits according to the growing advancements of the technology.

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