Monday, September 22, 2008

Canada's Boy Wonder (Lester Pearson) and the Jerry/Bill Ad

On pages 81-83 of the September 22, 2008 issue of Maclean's you will find an article that is part of a series about Extraordinary Canadians. This one is about Lester B. Pearson. Read the article, do the vocabulary exercises and answer the questions on the hand-out. These items are taken from the Maclean's In-Class Program which you can access with the password I gave in class. You can find more questions by clicking "Archives" and the "Social Studies" to find the questions for this article.

You will also read the article in the Business section (p. 46) about a new Microsoft ad that features Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. (See "English Lesson) in the In-Class program. After reading the text, doing the vocabulary and answering the questions, take a look at the ad and see if you agree with the journalist. What does the ad seem to be promoting? You can see some of the ads that Maich refers to in this collection of Mac vs PC ads.


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