Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy 50th, Osama

Read the cover article from the March 19, 2007 issue of Maclean's and share any observations you may have--what have you learned from this article or from the film we saw in class about education in Afghanistan. Do you think Osama bin Laden is still alive? Do you think it is likely that al Qaeda is planning another major terrorist attack? Should we be worried in Canada? Do you think it is possible for the west to achieve a final "war on terrorism"? What strategies do you think the west should use?
Feel free to respond to other articles in this issue, but if you do, make a link to the Maclean's website with the specific article you are responding to. (Find it by doing a search at the top of the site).


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hi, our names are Zaida Paola Reyes and Juan Pablo Moreno, we are student from the university industrial of Santander Paola is a student of physics and I'm a student of english teachig.

Happy 50th, Osama

Although Osama Bn Laden professes the islamic reloigion in its way radical, it is important to understand that the reasons that he has to carry out the terrorist attacks are not only religious but also political adn economic. Obviously, anything justifies the deaths of people that aren't involved in the conflict; this form of expressing is not correct one. The first thing that should be done it's to speak about the reasons for a specific thought is not shared. If this doesn't work, they should take atronger actions but not until murdering other human beings.

Osama appears in his videos as a very thin man, with some gray hair in his beard; we could say that he is weak, but it's amazing the power that he has and his capacity to organize people doesn't have limits, he won't allow that the fear that he sowed in the hearts of the Americans dissappears and of course he wiil continue planning terroist attacks. EE.UU. should be woorried and prepared for any attack, especially one bigger than the 9/11. On the other hand, neither canada nopr any allied country with EE.UU. is exempt of a terrorit attack on the part of Al-Qaeda. Osama's though has marked the human history and it will continue marking it, and although this great leader of the terror could be captured or killed, the war will continue.

Paola and Juan

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