Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to the World of Blogging

Welcome Future Bloggers!

Welcome to a new session and a new season of blogging. Technology is changing so quickly that now it is possible for ordinary people like us to create blogs, add pictures, voice and even videos. I hope you will feel free to be creative. Before you start looking at blogs, I would like you to click here to answer my survey. When you have finished, click "Done" and then click "Back (Précedent)" in the top left-hand corner two times to get back to this page.

Now, let's take a look at some blogs from around the world. Click here to find a blog I created with teachers from different countries. You can find their blogs by scrolling down the page a bit until you see the links in the right sidebar where I have written the teacher's name and country. Click on any of the names. When you finish looking at one, click "Back (Précedent)" and then click on another one.

Now look at some blogs that former students of this course created by clicking on some of the names in the right sidebar of this blog.

To create your own blog, click here to read the Tutorial I wrote. And for instructions on how to edit posts that you have already made, click here.


Blogger Claudia Ceraso said...


Very interesting blog. It makes students reflect on learning.

I am also a teacher of English using a blog to support my teaching.I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A long way from Quebec.

My blog is focused on English language learning and in particular FCE preparation. So your students can find lots of links about grammar, pronunciation, phrasal verbs.

The FCE Blog


Claudia Ceraso

1:11 AM  

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