Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cheech or The Chrysler Guys are in Town

The Centaur Theatre is located at 453 St. François-Xavier, Old Montreal. The show starts at 8:00 pm. Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early.

Directions from the Place d’Armes Metro Station:

Take the St. Urbain exit
Once outside turn right (south) towards the Old Port
Walk 2 blocks to Notre Dame Street and turn right
Walk 1 block to St. François Xavier and turn left.
The Centaur Theatre is on the left hand side (1/2 block)

Cheech was written by François Létourneau; translated by Rick Desrochers; directed by Gordon McCall
CHEECH brought the house down when it premiered at Théâtre de la Manufacture last year. Edgy, funny, daring and very much in the know, this is truly a play inspired by Montreal after dark. From the world of today’s generation, it is a play that will recharge your batteries. The Chrysler convention is in town and Ron runs an escort service, so could there be a better day for making an easy buck? All he's got to do is show the Chrysler guys a portfolio of his girls and just wait for the calls. But everything goes wrong, everything gets way out of order, and there's only one guy to blame: CHEECH!

There are 49 scenes in 90 minutes. As you watch the play, think about the following:
· How have time and place been portrayed or manipulated?
· How are lighting and sound used to determine a scene’s location?
· What effect does the soundtrack have?
· The scene takes place in Montreal, yet Montreal is hardly mentioned. What in the setting, props and costumes do you recognize as authentic representations of Montreal? Would the story be universal to anyone, anywhere?
· All of the characters suffer from some sort of depression, neurosis or anxiety. Are these characteristics unique to people touched by the escort service or are they universal characteristics? What elements do you identify with, if any?
· The “stutter scenes” are not in chronological order. Is this how our memory works—like pieces of a puzzle? Why are some scenes repeated?


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