Thursday, February 02, 2006

Welcome to the Winter 2006 Edition!

Hello and welcome to a new session of blogging! To get started, take a look at the new blog I created as I moderated a class for teachers around the world. We had 150 teachers from over 50 different countries. You can see their picture in the revolving banner at the top of the page and you can learn something about the countries they come from by clicking on their own blogs in the right sidebar. Bon voyage!

Please answer this quick survey about your Study Plans. Longueuil students click here. ENA students click here.

Information for Students and Teachers looking for an exchange: The college students in this course live near Montreal, Quebec and speak English quite fluently; a few have near-native speaker ability. French is the mother tongue for most students and all of their content courses are in French. Most students range in age from 18 to 24 although there are a few who are older. The course meets once a week for 15 weeks (this session runs from January to the end of May). Links to student blogs are in the right sidebar. The url for this blog is


Blogger Susana Canelo said...

I loved this blog. I could see a real teacher-student exchange. I visited two students blogs (randomly)and one of them just started (don't say anything) but Laurent made a really good task !!! All the comments about euthanasia etc.The idea of blogwrite the assignments, I think gives them another challenge.
I tried to know more about Laurent but his/her profile is empty. Is it to pretect their identity? I'm trying to start with something similar this year.But maybe I don't have so many cares .

7:35 AM  

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