Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Editing Your Posts

You can either go to Blogger or type in the address of your own blog--or go directly from this blog. Click on the "B" in the rounded orange box on the upper left corner of this page. You will get a prompt to type in your Username and your Password. Once you have typed these and clicked "sign in" you will be sent to your "Dashboard" (Tableau de bord)

To Edit a post, click on the green cross next to the name of your blog, under "New Post" (nouveau message). This will take you the list of all your posts. Click on "Edit" (modifier) of the post you want to modify. Now you can make corrections and modifications. When you are finished, remember to click the orange rectangle at the bottom of the page to Publish your post. It is a good idea to click "Republish blog" after your changes have been saved to make sure that the changes were made in the whole blog.

Now click "View Blog" (Afficher le blog). If a window doesn't suddenly appear with your blog on it, then look at the bar at the bottom of the screen to see if it was minimized. Click on this and check to see if the changes were made. If they weren't, don't despair! Your probably need to refresh the screen. Do this by clicking the icon with two circular green arrows at the top of your screen. You might say a few kind words to your computer at this point. Computers like positive reinforcement.

To create a new post--click on the Blogger icon (the B in a rounded orange box). Since you have already signed in, this should take you directly to the Dashboard. Again, click the green cross to create a new post and then type in the title and text of your post. Remember to Publish your post and Republish your blog when you have finished.


Blogger abb said...

"You might say a few kind words to your computer at this point. Computers like positive reinforcement." :)) I think I'll use this sentence when needed. :)
Another great tutorial, Jane!

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