Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Homework Assignment: Defending a Position

Choose one of the topics we looked at in the October 17 issue of Maclean's or a controversial topic from the Oct. 31 issue. Write a clear, opinionated statement and then argue in favor or against this position.

Here are examples from the October 17 issue:

The internet is a very effective aid to the medical profession for improving wait time. (p. 10-15)
Turkey should be admitted to the European Union. (p. 39)
Dealing with sewage should be the #1 priority for Canadian municipalities. (p. 21-26)

Defend your point of view (either FOR or AGAINST, but not both) with 3 strong arguments. At least two of your arguments should come from the article.

  • Your essay should include a brief introduction, a body and a brief conclusion
  • Avoid using the 1st or 2nd person
  • Do not use questions in your essay
  • Provide a correctly formatted reference for your article

Due: November 16, 2005


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