Sunday, October 16, 2005

Condoville at the Centaur Theatre

There will be no class on Wednesday, October 26, to allow you time to go see the play Condoville at the Centaur Theatre. The show starts at 8 pm on both Wednesday and Thursday nights. (For the address and directions, click on the link above and then "How to Find Us in the left sidebar). The play is witty and entertaining with insightful social commentaries--you will love it!

AlthoughCondoville takes place in one building in Point St. Charles in Montreal, the issues the characters banter about resonate on municipal, national and international levels:

Exploitation of the Poor
The PQ vs The Liberal Party
French vs English
Quebec Separation
Treaty Rights for Aboriginals
Economic Uncertainty of Gentrification
Consequences of Free Trade
The Social Tension of Same-Sex Relationships
Drug Addiction (both legal and illegal)
Abortion and Unwed Mothers
The Bureaucracy of Social Benefit Programs (Welfare)

Your assignment: Choose any two characters and explain how the conflict between these two characters illustrates one of the issues listed above. Print your essay on paper (double-spaced) and post your essay on your blog (single-spaced).Your essay should be between 250 and 350 words.

* Introduce the two characters you have chosen with a colourful description.
* Explain the socio-political issue that is exemplified by the conflict between these two characters.
* Provide examples from the play and from current events to expand on the implications of this conflict.
* Conclude your essay with a unifying statement that leaves the reader with something to think about.

The characters in the play are: Thibault, Johnny, Irene, Claude (Paquette), Céline, Bibi-diane, Andrew, Filipe, and three characters that are frequently mentioned : Murielle, Willa, Diablo


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