Monday, September 07, 2009

How Well Do You Google?

Did you know that searching for information on Google in Canada is not the same as searching in Spain or China or even the United States? If you are looking for local information about a foreign country, you might want to use the Google search engine for that country, or you might want to do your search in another language. When your initial Google page opens, you can click "Go to" if you want to get out of Google Canada, or you can click "Language Tools" to access Google in foreign countries. Most of the time, the country code is easy to guess, for example takes you to the Argentinian Google and takes you to the United Kingdom. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the country you are looking for.

Google News is a good place to start to get recent news on an issue, and if you click Other News Editions at the bottom, you will have access to regional editions of Google News. If you want to search older articles, then go to Google Archives. You can always make your search more specific by clicking the Advanced News Archive Search.

Another good source of written information is on Google Books and for videos try Google Video in addition to YouTube. If you are collaborating with other students on your research project, you might want to try writing it using Google Documents--the document is secure, but any of you can edit it. You can talk to each other using Skype, YM or any other chat program, and collaborate on the document from your home computers.

Remember, you MUST cite all of the sources you used in your research using MLA documentation style. You can refer to your textbook for models or check these sites for guidance: OWL (Online Writing Lab), the Write Source and the Landmarks Citation Guide.
Be sure that your references are correctly formatted and that they are in alphabetical order.


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