Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Assignment 2: Oral and Written Summary of News Item

Oral: Choose a news item from Maclean's and briefly describe the most important points in a three to five minute oral summary. Your presentation should include a Summary Statement (the main idea) and three important details regarding the topic. Conclude your presentation with a thought-provoking question for class discussion. You should speak spontaneously, preferably without notes. You may refer to brief notes for difficult names, places and dates, but you may not read your presentation.

Written: Prepare a written synthesis (100 words) of one of the assigned articles from Maclean's followed by a brief analysis (100 words). The summary should include the main idea and three supporting details. The analysis is your opinion. Do not waste words by saying "In my opinion..." or "I think that..." I know this is your opinion. Get to the point! Provide a reference to your article using correct MLA Documentation Style. You may use this site to help you.


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